Super Sharp

This one is a star - not a snowflake! Don't believe me? It has eight 'arms' rather than 'six'. Due to the nature of water, snowflakes can't have eight sides.…

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Chocolate Blossom

A really pretty flower that is worth a closer look. Today's Gratitude Item: A really successful day in which a surprising amount got done.

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Water Race

A fun image that turned out quite nicely. Today's Gratitude Item: One of my students gave me a mirror cube - which is basically a funky Rubik's cube. It looks…

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A Bit Broken

Whilst this star might be 'a bit broken', there is something quite compelling about it. Today's Gratitude Item: Two new tyres on my car. The left front tire was quite…

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Floral Twist

As in a flower with a twist. Today's Gratitude Item: The calm before the *marking* storm. My students start doing practice 'dry run' assessments on Thursday and life will get…

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Rounded Ice

This is one of those times when the thumbnail / smaller image looks nicer than the large version. Today's Gratitude Item: A busy but productive day. Which is so much…

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Rising Sun Record

As in it reminded me both of the Japanese flag and an old style LP record. Today's Gratitude Item: That duolingo has made it easier to earn lingots (which one…

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Candy Fern

It feels like we've been here before - but this one was pretty enough to be worth keeping. Today's Gratitude Item: Finally getting home safely after a long, hot commute.

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Foreign Winter

Maybe this one should have been called 'Intricate Ice Sculpture'. Today's Gratitude Item: A lovely day in which I got a lot more captioning done than anticipated. The job is…

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Core Fibers

Whilst this one is quite pretty, I'm fairly sure we've been here before. Today's Gratitude Item: Finding a plugin that is perfect for extending the functionality of one of the…

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