Racing Scarf

As in a piece of checkered fabric that is a bit longer than a racing flag. Today's Gratitude Item: Having time to update the InDesign video series that we'll be…

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Spike Checks

I liked how this one flowed, so it became a 'keeper'. Today's Gratitude Item: Funky, bright yellow emoji earmuffs. Said earmuffs were an emergency purchase on today's work as my…

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Interesting Mess

The name really says it all... Today's Gratitude Item: Having a random *working* umbrella in our office! Let's just say it rained today. A lot.

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Natural Construction

This one looks like a flower made out of corrugated iron. Today's Gratitude Item: Being appreciate at school. It's good when that happens :)

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Questionable Bulge

It's questionable because when it was made I was not sure if it would work. Looking at it now, I'm quite pleased that it was not binned. Today's Gratitude Item:…

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Chunky Uncurling

This may be many things, but delicate is not one of them. Today's Gratitude Item: Being ready for Tech Week (next week). We have a website with all our scheduled…

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Wonderland Horizon

All that's missing is the white rabbit and mad hatter. Today's Gratitude Item: That the class I relieved for were so quiet that it verged on being creepy. It's a…

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Quarter Disc

The holes in this one are part of the fractal which was a nice surprise as sometimes I add holes in 'post'. Today's Gratitude Item: A brilliant day off. Did…

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Curve Flex

As in a flexible curve. Today's Gratitude Item: Finally realising that Excel was a better option than Access for a project I'm working on. Sometimes the judicious use of the…

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Fractured Familiarity

We've been here before - although things aren't usually quite this intense. Today's Gratitude Item: Figuring out how to use formulae in airtables. It's not easy but it is possible.…

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