Modern Glass / Copper Spiral

A modern spiral that is almost sculptural. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting several steps closer to sorting out a new car after the one that I was driving got rear ended…

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Funky Disc Path

Finally something that is both different and interesting. Today's Gratitude Item: Working out how to quickly and easily download .png files from the SVG icon repository (one of my favourite…

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Swan Abstraction

The question is, can you see the swan or is it too abstract? Today's Gratitude Item: Not stressing when it rained really hard today (as our 'landslip' has mostly been…

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Tentacle Wave

Similar to yesterday's image - but with a twist. Today's Gratitude Item: Another peaceful Saturday - which was the perfect way to rest after a very busy week.

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Predictable Path

Named because it looks like it's a path and it's a spiral (which means that it being rendered is entirely predictable). Today's Gratitude Item: Finally getting started on setting up…

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A Bit Volcanic

Named because it looks like there is red hot lava lurking just below the surface. Today's Gratitude Item: Easily finding a parking place on this morning's quest to buy more…

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Growth Spiral

As in it looks like a spiral that is growing. Today's Gratitude Item: A 'different' day which involved slightly more exercise than anticipated (in a good way).

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Spiral Pieces

It feels like we've been here before, in an oddly unsettling way. Today's Gratitude Item: Receiving a really lovely 'end of year' card from a colleague. I had a 'wish…

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Wave Power

The detail on the small ripples at the left of this image were a nice touch. Today's Gratitude Item: Finally getting the buttons and input boxes in my database /…

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