Woven Silver Star

Sometimes dark grey can be a good colour choice. This was one of those times. Today's Gratitude Item: A successful day - despite it being very, very busy. Am super…

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Dancing Star

This one is definitely in motion. It's a bit too busy for my liking though. Today's Gratitude Item: A successful day in which a lot of 'bits and pieces' got…

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Night Spring Flower

This one is quite joyful. Today's Gratitude Item: That tomorrow should be less intense than today. Let's just say that today might just have given new meaning to the phrase…

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Super Sharp

This one is a star - not a snowflake! Don't believe me? It has eight 'arms' rather than 'six'. Due to the nature of water, snowflakes can't have eight sides.…

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Scrunched Up Flower

Even slightly wonky stars can be a good thing. Today's Gratitude Item: Frozen orange juice - which is perfect for cooling down after a very warm morning walk.

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Star Interrupted

One of those rare occasions where 'incomplete' worked. Today's Gratitude Item: Polishing my work shoes for the last time this year! This week is 'activities week' which means less formal…

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Ornate Feather Flower

Whilst this is related to yesterday's image, it was different enough to be worth keeping. Today's Gratitude Item: One more day of scheduled classes! Next week we have 'Junior Activities…

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Delicate Disc Stars

An odd image to feature given that it's no longer winter but such is life. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting my RDC Calendar for 2024 and not having to pay postage…

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Star Cog on Steroids

Simple and modern - always a pleasing combination. Today's Gratitude Item: Not having to go out in the crazy weather! One minute it was beautiful and sunny, the next -…

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A Bit Broken

Whilst this star might be 'a bit broken', there is something quite compelling about it. Today's Gratitude Item: Two new tyres on my car. The left front tire was quite…

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