Zionist Mechanism

This is what happens when one combines a Star of David with a cog. Today's Gratitude Item: Being ready for tomorrow! Am bracing myself for another 'full on' term.

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Floral Zionist

It's ornate, but is it good? Today's Gratitude Item: Help in the kitchen. My aunt is visiting from South Africa and she helped me make matzos today. We had fun…

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Zionist String

A perfect image for a Shabbat post (this is very similar to images that I've posted before but such is life). Today's Gratitude Item: The shortcut for Chrome is finally…

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Am Israel Chai

This image was made quite a long time ago. Perhaps it is one of those things that will always be current. Today's Gratitude Item: When my computer blue screened I…

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Kosher Dream Catcher

We've been here before - but never quite like this. Today's Gratitude Item: Staying home on a cold, wet night. This is a rare occurrence on a Wednesday but there…

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Israeli Night Life

This one is somewhere between 'funky' and 'what was I thinking'! Today's Gratitude Item: That our sporty students all got back from tournament week safely. It's great to have them…

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Fraying Star

The tiny star in the middle of this one is part of the reason for the name. Today's Gratitude Item: Reading the books that I downloaded in the 'correct' order.…

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Silky Star

An appropriate image for Shabbat :) Today's Gratitude Item: Finding my favourite cloth mask which was briefly lost in the wash. It's a small thing but said mask is both…

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Am Israel Chai

An image that turned out quite well. It's good when that happens. Today's Gratitude Item: Colleagues at other schools who are answer emails really quickly with helpful feedback / advice.…

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Chosen Echo

The background colours seemed liked a good idea at the time. Now I'm thinking going 'all black' would have been a better option. Today's Gratitude Item: Having more time. Whilst…

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