Hobbit Frame

Stare at this one for a bit and it almost becomes 3D. Today's Gratitude Item: Figuring out how to easily insert horizontal lines (without arrows) in draw.io - this is…


Unusual Key Hole

Perhaps a better name would have been 'Flower / Diamond / Disc'. Today's Gratitude Item: A brilliant 'catch up' day with minimal stress. Having a three day week before the…

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Night Explosion

For something that is quite simple, there is a lot going on. Today's Gratitude Item: Lovely clean winter pajamas. It's getting colder at night and I'm looking forward to being…

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Pink Jewel

Another 'simple but interesting' image. Today's Gratitude Item: A brilliantly restful Shabbat - made more so because I have Monday and Tuesday to catch up on school stuff.

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String Bowl

It's amazing what one can do with a series of lines and geometric shapes. Today's Gratitude Item: That our parent teacher interviews have been moved from two successive Wednesday nights…

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Quilted Star

This one is 'pretty different' (as in it's both pretty and different). Today's Gratitude Item: A successful albeit very long day. Tomorrow promises to be more of the same (at…

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Geometric Crops

Looks like rows of flowers - only these 'plants' are made from geometric shapes. Today's Gratitude Item: That my new work computer has a touch screen. I did not think…

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Triangle Fascination

This one is very, very busy (again). Do you see a series of triangles, or do you see a bunch of Stars of David? Today's Gratitude Item: That my dance…

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X-Box Explosion

Another image where negative space plays a pivotal role. Today's Gratitude Item: Finally getting Adobe Illustrator to work again on my school laptop. Let's just say there were 'issues' and…

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