Sharp Curves

I'm thinking this one should have been called 'Yikes with Spikes'. Today's Gratitude Item: Learning how to control / turn off Group notifications on FB. One of the groups that…

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Frosty Mandel Man

An oddly appropriate image given that in my part of the world, summer is on the way out and winter is coming. Today's Gratitude Item: Finally getting an ad blocker…

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Bright Flower Star (Winter Edition)

Another of those 'interesting enough to keep' images. I messed with the image in GIMP after it was made and took out some of the colour (as it was too…

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Sharp Divide

Who knew - sometimes division can be a beautiful thing. Today's Gratitude Item: Our matzos for this year is all sorted :)

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Rounded Ice

This is one of those times when the thumbnail / smaller image looks nicer than the large version. Today's Gratitude Item: A busy but productive day. Which is so much…

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Interrupted Flow

I kept this one as despite being very simple, it is also very shiny - and shiny is good. Today's Gratitude Item: Not doing any schoolwork today. Am feeling slightly…

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Rising Sun Record

As in it reminded me both of the Japanese flag and an old style LP record. Today's Gratitude Item: That duolingo has made it easier to earn lingots (which one…

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Frozen Dawn

Because sometimes it's 'pretty cold' and sometimes the cold is pretty. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting to the end of a week that has felt longer than it should have.

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Subdued Diamond Ripple

Whilst the colours on this one are quite muted, it still has a fair bit of appeal. Today's Gratitude Item: A very quiet day in which I managed to make…

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Crescent Factory

As in a place where crescents are made. Today's Gratitude Item: That my presentation on Chat GPT this morning went quite well. Suffice it to say, there was a lot…

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