Hippy Tile

This one has a bit of a '60's vibe - even if the colours are slightly subdued. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting through another 'too busy' day. I keep hoping that…

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Mosaic Tiles

With a bit of texture thrown in for good measure. Today's Gratitude Item: That the intense rain we had today was fairly short lived. We need dry weather so that…

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Endless Suspension

This one seemed like a good idea at the time but in retrospect the colours are not the best option. Oh well. Today's Gratitude Item: Something that I feared would…

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Crazy String

Sometimes 'crazy' is also 'interesting'. Today's Gratitude Item: The 'media replace' plugin that is available for WordPress. It made my life easier today.

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Bubble Hoop

And now for something rather colourful... Today's Gratitude Item: That we got through the storm OK. It was intense and caused an impressive amount of damage in some areas. I'm…

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Spiky Sun Trail

This one is in the 'pretty but hard to describe' category. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting approval for new chairs in my computer lab and having the ordering of said chairs…

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Fern Flame

In this case the colours really do look like flames - especially if one uses one's imagination a bit. Today's Gratitude Item: Being able to dance in 'our' hall again.…

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Slow Spring Arrival

This one could either be spring arriving, or summer leaving. It's hard to tell. Today's Gratitude Item: The bread-maker! Nothing is quite as delicious as freshly baked bread products. Today's…

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Hole Joy

As in it has holes and it gave me joy. Today's Gratitude Item: A very different day that involved showing one of my friends how to make pita pockets from…

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Star Construction

Whilst six sided stars are great, sometimes eight sided stars are a good option too. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting a lot of little things off my 'to do' list. It's…

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