Intense Greenery

The 3D effect on this one was something of a surprise so it got rendered. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting my car music to play in a predictable order. It turns…

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Petal Path

It's a pathway made of fractal petals. Today's Gratitude Item: New dance shoes. I'm particularly excited about this pair as they are extremely comfortable and they make me a tiny…

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Once again, the middle part is a bit blurry. I hate it when things are 'close' but not close enough! Today's Gratitude Item: A really good day where a colleague…

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The Awakening

Sometimes the images that appear are a surprise. This was one of those times. Today's Gratitude Item: That sometimes things don't take quite as long as feared.

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Ocean Peak

Perhaps it should have been called 'just swell'. Today's Gratitude Item: End of topic tests which can be given on a day when I am not on campus. Normally I'd…

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Familiar Unknown

For some reason this one is rather unsettling. Today's Gratitude Item: That setting up google analytics for a client was much easier than anticipated.

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Circle Point

Simple but hopefully effective. Today's Gratitude Item: That installing Word Press plugins is generally straight forward. The tricky part is finding a plug-in that works well for a given situation.

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Satellite Spiral

As in reminded me of a satellite reception dish. Today's Gratitude Item: Having a spare set of small headphones in my computer bag. I got them as a 'freebie' a…

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Mason Flower

A flower made from purple stone bits. Today's Gratitude Item: That a rather troublesome leaking pipe has been fixed. Plumbers are a wonderful thing :)

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Flower Web

Changing the orientation of this one both improved it and made it slightly unnerving at the same time. Today's Gratitude Item: Making modest headway on my 'to do' list. I'm…

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