Woven Flower Disc

A very simple image. It was kept because blue and gold make me happy (and being happy is good). Today's Gratitude Item: That one of my more challenging students has…


Round Spiro Square

Another cool geometric network that is in the 'simple but effective' category. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting an extra hour today! The end of daylight saving is a good thing -…


Lily Pad Fan

Showing that a tiny bit of asymmetry can be a good thing. Today's Gratitude Item: An easy end to the day - we had a fire drill last period which…


Hail Stone in Progress

Named for the layers and shape. It's 'in progress' because this particular hailstone has large gaps and is therefore incomplete. Today's Gratitude Item: A successful maiden voyage with the 'new…

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Unusual Key Hole

Perhaps a better name would have been 'Flower / Diamond / Disc'. Today's Gratitude Item: A brilliant 'catch up' day with minimal stress. Having a three day week before the…

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Night Explosion

For something that is quite simple, there is a lot going on. Today's Gratitude Item: Lovely clean winter pajamas. It's getting colder at night and I'm looking forward to being…

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Funky Disc Path

Finally something that is both different and interesting. Today's Gratitude Item: Working out how to quickly and easily download .png files from the SVG icon repository (one of my favourite…

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A Bit Tied Up

This one is not exactly in knots - but it's a close thing. Today's Gratitude Item: Finally getting most of the 'critical' stuff on my 'to do' list done. It's…

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Another Plane Propeller

I like the metallic feel of this one. Today's Gratitude Item: A beautifully relaxing Saturday. Am sort of bracing myself for going back to school on Tuesday.

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