Red Roof Tiles

Simple but effective. Kept mainly because I could not bear to throw the gold bits away. Today's Gratitude Item: Learning how to use for creating Kan-ban boards. I prefer…

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Flower Ripple Undecided

As in this one could not decide if it was a flower or a ripple. Today's Gratitude Item: Remembering to commit my code to github for the tutorial series that…

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Modern Heat Wave

This one is oddly appropriate given today's hot weather. Today's Gratitude Item: A brilliant day which involved finishing a jigsaw puzzle (1,000 pieces), napping, giving up on a book that…

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St George Fire

Kind of looks like a St George's Cross, only on fire. Today's Gratitude Item: Finally figuring out how to use a mix of Javascript and php to get the current…

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Autumn Skid Marks

Whilst this one is quite simple, I like the colour and pattern. Today's Gratitude Item: I'm not sure how many times I can cite 'dry weather' as a cause for…

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Wave Illumination

Where the waves in question are made from fire. Today's Gratitude Item: A good day back at school. It was lovely to see everyone again - especially as we are…

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Flying Fire

As in fire that is flying all over the place. Today's Gratitude Item: Working out how to link google drive documents to Google Keep. It's not obvious but it was…

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Match Edge

As in the tip of a match just after it has been lit. Today's Gratitude Item: A very restful and relaxing day. I love school holidays :)

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Rich Berry Ripple

This one has more 'ripple' than 'berry' (it was named mostly for the intense red colour). Today's Gratitude Item: A peaceful Rosh Hashana which was not as sad as I…

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Enlightened Fire

Perhaps this one should have been called 'Ripples on the Move'. Today's Gratitude Item: Two DCAT's down. One to go. Having everyone finish well before the official end of the…

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