Sliced Curve Ball

The 3D effect of this one is quite cool. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting some of those 'little' things out of the way (including random bits of marking). This hopefully means…

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Ripple Sphere Factory

Where spheres that are made out of ripples are created. Today's Gratitude Item: Finding a quick way to crop images on google slides, thanks to one of my students.

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A Bit Missing

Or to be more precise, the disc is missing it's lower right half! This is one of those images that seemed like a good idea at the time. Today's Gratitude…

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Core Fibers

Whilst this one is quite pretty, I'm fairly sure we've been here before. Today's Gratitude Item: Finding a plugin that is perfect for extending the functionality of one of the…

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Hollow Daybreak

It turns out that I have a bit of a thing for spheres. Today's Gratitude Item: My awesome brother set up a WordPress Multi-site installation for me. I've spent all…

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Golf Play

If golf balls were orange and created in a fractal universe, this is what they'd look like. Today's Gratitude Item: That my matzah topped chicken pie tasted quite good. It…

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Ripple Disc Flower

We have definitely been here before but this one was pretty enough to be worth keeping. Today's Gratitude Item: My COVID test from yesterday came back negative within 24 hours.…

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Large Splat

Everyone has days like this... Today's Gratitude Item: A truly stunning summer day. If one does not consume any news, then it is possible to be content and believe that…

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String Wave Sphere

Includes two of my favourite things, a sphere and waves. Today's Gratitude Item: Finding out how to set 'whole day' attendance for when students are out of class on a…

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Curve Ball

As in a ball that is made up of curves. Today's Gratitude Item: That we are staying at Alert Level 1 which means my dance class can continue. The new…

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