Puzzle Cloth

The quote is not original. I read it in the context of choosing a suitable font for design projects but liked it for it's literal meaning. Today's Gratitude Item: Figuring…

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Clothes Maketh the Man-nequin

This one was inspired by a clothed mannequin spotted on one of my colleagues desks. The quotation means "Let your clothes be made as strong as mangemange which never wears…

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Torn Adversity

Created whilst trying out a new Apo Plugin. Said plugin produces some interesting results which is nice. Today's Gratitude Item: An easy day at school. We had "activities day" where…

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Floating Rose

Sometimes the apophysis addiction can be a good thing. Today's Gratitude Item: That despite a bit of a shaky start, my baking today worked well.

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Be Accurate

This image fits the bill in that it is neither "too much" nor "not enough". Today's Gratitude Item: That my WACOM table its working again. I turned on my machine…

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Quality Piece

This may be one of the few times when the preview looked better than the rendered image. It does not happen often which is a good thing. Today's Gratitude Item:…

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Learn 2 Think

It turns out that learning and thinking go hand in hand. Why is it that students are often reluctant to learn and even more reluctant to think? Today's Gratitude Item:…

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Keep Going

Sometimes, its worthwhile to remember that even a small amount of progress is better than nothing at all. Today's Gratitude Item: A great day! You know how sometimes days can…

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Every Beauty

The flower was a bit of a surprise on this one - but then sometimes surprises are a good thing. Today's Gratitude Item: Being able to sleep in tomorrow. Thank…

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Flawed Diamond

One could argue that all diamonds are just very pretty pebbles. Today's Gratitude Item: Managing to coax some information out of the school database for a colleague. She needed the…

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