Unusual Key Hole

Perhaps a better name would have been 'Flower / Diamond / Disc'. Today's Gratitude Item: A brilliant 'catch up' day with minimal stress. Having a three day week before the…

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String Bowl

It's amazing what one can do with a series of lines and geometric shapes. Today's Gratitude Item: That our parent teacher interviews have been moved from two successive Wednesday nights…

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On Target Again

We've been here before but this one was pretty enough to keep. Today's Gratitude Item: A very nice, relaxing weekend. Am *almost* ready for the week ahead.

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Night Spring Flower

This one is quite joyful. Today's Gratitude Item: That tomorrow should be less intense than today. Let's just say that today might just have given new meaning to the phrase…

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Hippy Tile

This one has a bit of a '60's vibe - even if the colours are slightly subdued. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting through another 'too busy' day. I keep hoping that…

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Violet Dream

Yet another image that looks like an African Violet. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting an extra hour's sleep this morning. The 'working from home' thing went well and my colleague and…

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Ladies’ Lattice

The negative space in this one makes it worth a closer look. Today's Gratitude Item: Being able to work from home (or more accurately, work from a colleague's house) tomorrow…

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Predictable Path

Named because it looks like it's a path and it's a spiral (which means that it being rendered is entirely predictable). Today's Gratitude Item: Finally getting started on setting up…

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Three Quarters Spiked

Intricate, modern and pretty - my kind of image :) Today's Gratitude Item: My computer has behaved well all day today (as in it has not blue screened in the…

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