Pink Jewel

Another 'simple but interesting' image. Today's Gratitude Item: A brilliantly restful Shabbat - made more so because I have Monday and Tuesday to catch up on school stuff.

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Night Spring Flower

This one is quite joyful. Today's Gratitude Item: That tomorrow should be less intense than today. Let's just say that today might just have given new meaning to the phrase…

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Predictable Path

Named because it looks like it's a path and it's a spiral (which means that it being rendered is entirely predictable). Today's Gratitude Item: Finally getting started on setting up…

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Funky Pink Diamond

Where I just might have overdone the diamonds. Today's Gratitude Item: A lazy summer day. Had my umpteenth COVID booster yesterday (in anticipation of going back to school) and took…

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Three Quarters Spiked

Intricate, modern and pretty - my kind of image :) Today's Gratitude Item: My computer has behaved well all day today (as in it has not blue screened in the…

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Diamond Compass

For anyone looking for a bit of direction at the start of 2024. Today's Gratitude Item: Finding some feta cheese that was not only a great price, but was also…

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Door Panel

This is one of those images where the title is also the description. Said door panel is quite decorative. Today's Gratitude Item: A small tweak that saved me quite a…

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Light-less Tunnel

Sometimes there is a light at the end of the tunnel. This is not one of those times. Today's Gratitude Item: A most productive day. It was wonderful to get…

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Scrunched Up Flower

Even slightly wonky stars can be a good thing. Today's Gratitude Item: Frozen orange juice - which is perfect for cooling down after a very warm morning walk.

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A Bit Volcanic

Named because it looks like there is red hot lava lurking just below the surface. Today's Gratitude Item: Easily finding a parking place on this morning's quest to buy more…

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