Framed Geometry

Looking at this one now, I'm thinking three blocks in a row was not the most creative design solution. Oh well. Today's Gratitude Item: That today went 'quite well' on…

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Intricate Playtime

The detail at the center is particularly pleasing. Today's Gratitude Item: That my classroom projector has been fixed. The position / settings were changed towards the end of last year…

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Partial Brown Sunshine

A pretty enough image, even if it is not bright enough to qualify as actual sunshine. Today's Gratitude Item: Slowly whittling away my 'to do' list. Some items are easier…

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Textured Ice Sun

Now for something quite different... Today's Gratitude Item: A lovely 'dance dinner' which involved good food, great company, a bit of music and a lot of relaxed chatting.

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Right on Target

It was shiny - and shiny things usually get rendered :) Today's Gratitude Item: Getting to the end of our school year. I've been looking forward to the summer holidays…

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Spiral Pieces

It feels like we've been here before, in an oddly unsettling way. Today's Gratitude Item: Receiving a really lovely 'end of year' card from a colleague. I had a 'wish…

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Stripe Play

As in I was playing with my fractal generator and this appeared. Today's Gratitude Item: A weird day where I ended up going to school, staying for briefing and then…

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Hole Wooden Sky

This one has a very modern vibe - in a good way. Today's Gratitude Item: A peaceful uneventful Monday where just about everything went according to plan. It's great when…

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Ragged Moth

This one looked more moth like before it was rendered. Sometimes it goes that way. Today's Gratitude Item: Freshly squeezed orange juice that was very tasty and the perfect temperature.…

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Storm System

Sometimes when things don't go smoothly, they can still be beautiful. Is our job to try and find the beauty in the chaos? Today's Gratitude Item: Getting exam papers delivered…

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