Woven Silver Star

Sometimes dark grey can be a good colour choice. This was one of those times. Today's Gratitude Item: A successful day - despite it being very, very busy. Am super…


Hail Stone in Progress

Named for the layers and shape. It's 'in progress' because this particular hailstone has large gaps and is therefore incomplete. Today's Gratitude Item: A successful maiden voyage with the 'new…


Ornate Fabric Fall

Could this be a frozen waterfall in a fractal world? Today's Gratitude Item: A good 'first teaching day'. My students were all well behaved and keen to do well. It's…

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Another Plane Propeller

I like the metallic feel of this one. Today's Gratitude Item: A beautifully relaxing Saturday. Am sort of bracing myself for going back to school on Tuesday.

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Super Sharp

This one is a star - not a snowflake! Don't believe me? It has eight 'arms' rather than 'six'. Due to the nature of water, snowflakes can't have eight sides.…

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Hedge Edge

Simple but quite pretty. It's good when that happens. Today's Gratitude Item: A lovely peaceful day and that brilliant feeling one has at the start of a long holiday.

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Oval Flower Frieze

Another of those 'different but in a good way' images. Today's Gratitude Item: Taking refuge in the Sports Department Office this morning. It was one of the few places at…

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Forest Fantasy

A dark fractal on a dark day. Today's Gratitude Item: The dedicated people who are involved in the Chevera Kadisha. My dad passed away today after a sudden, massive heart…

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Shade Sophistication

The colours are quite subdued - but in a good way. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting to the end of Friday with all of my marking up-to-date.

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Crazy String

Sometimes 'crazy' is also 'interesting'. Today's Gratitude Item: The 'media replace' plugin that is available for WordPress. It made my life easier today.

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