Spotlight Curtain

This would look really good on a real-life stage. Today's Gratitude Item: Feeling a lot more refreshed after taking an after school, afternoon nap. I was exhausted and really just…

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Sharp Spore

One of those times when 'texture' is more important than colour. Today's Gratitude Item: Finally completing the video series we are using with your junior programmers. It always takes longer…

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Pool Play

Dedicated to all those swimmers out there. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting a head start on the week - made pita pockets for dinner tonight which means that my lunch for…

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Sky Interference

Perhaps I should have called this one 'Sky Windows'. Today's Gratitude Item: Finally finding a source of exemplars for some of the standards that I teach. It's been a mission…

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Magic Mosaic Target

This one is far too pink for my liking. Today's Gratitude Item: Another quieter day which was great as it meant having time to get ready for next week.

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Ripple Diamond

Another modern image with a 3D effect. Today's Gratitude Item: Having an unexpectedly quiet day due to most of the students in one of my classes being 'out' doing an…

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Hot & Cold

Perhaps this one should have been called 'Funky Optical Illusion'. Today's Gratitude Item: Not having to go to dance class tonight. Too many of my group could not make it…

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Silver Necklace

Delicate and quite pretty. I especially liked the little 'Mandelbrot Man' right in the middle of this one. Today's Gratitude Item: That one of my students made me laugh so…

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Modern Ribbon flower

I'm thinking big, bold and beautiful. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting a 'double screen' setup at school! This is something that I should have asked for a lot earlier but it's…

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Floral Fantasy

In retrospect this one has too much 'fantasy' and not enough 'floral'. It's too 'interesting' to bin but not pretty enough to be satisfying. Today's Gratitude Item: Being motivated to…

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