Electric Essence

This is my first fractal of 2007. Viewed close up, the two "bright spots" are actually infinity symbols. Today's Gratitude Item: Peace. And the ability to find it even as…

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Daisy Chain

This time, I tried to get the thing to follow the rule of thirds. Also, in Tierazon, the colours were too bright so the entire picture got another semi opaque…

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Mystic Ripple

The neat thing about Tierazon is that the graphics render really quickly and you can get some pretty weird psychedelic effects. That, and the graphics produced have already gained some…

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Infinite Ripple

If you look really hard, there is an infinity symbol in the middle of this one. Made with Tierazon. Today's Gratitude Item: Fettuccine and meatballs for dinner. Yum!


Shadow World

Sometimes the world is one of shadows where darkness and light are interwoven. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting some data entry work to do next week. Its casual stuff for my…

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Solar Flare

Created in Tierazon, using the classic Mandelbrot Set formula. The graphic was then "tweaked" / zoomed and recoloured. A lot. The only post work is in the frame and signature.…

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