Named because it is close an American flag - but not close enough. Today's Gratitude Item: That today's afternoon meeting was changed from something irrelevant to 'department time' (which is…

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Night Day

A slightly different take on a sun / moon image. Today's Gratitude Item: That our staff meeting this afternoon was done via zoom. There are several big advantages to meeting…

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All Day Candy

Reminded me of the lollies we used to be able to get as kids. Not too sure about the hole though... Today's Gratitude Item: Finding the perfect image on pixabay…

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Turning Japanese

It's a bit special when a fractal image looks similar to a country's flag / symbol. Today's Gratitude Item: Catching up on sleep. It was needed more than usual as…

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Some Circles

A simple title for quite a nice image. Today's Gratitude Item: That two of the students in my new tutor group get to school early and they are now in…

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Man Flower Tiles

These look quite strong / masculine which makes a nice change from some of the prettier designs that have been featured here. Today's Gratitude Item: Making through a very busy…

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Scarf Meeting

Named because it looks like several scarves coming together. Today's Gratitude Item: Having everything I need (including time) to to get a bit crafty. Taking a bit of a break…

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Zoomed Disc wing

This one is a bit too busy for my liking. Today's Gratitude Item: Finally updating my personal website so that it runs off WordPress. Hopefully the update will also help…

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Shredded Fan

This one is a variation on a theme. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting all my practice exam marking done. It's a good feeling to have that 'marking mountain' under control.

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Another Ocean

Waves / ripples often appear on my screen. Invariably this is a good thing. Today's Gratitude Item: Not being late for work after an alarm mishap which resulted in oversleeping…

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