Fees vs Coffee

This post is a bit different to my usual offering. The short version is that here in New Zealand, teachers need a 'Practicing Certificate' to be able to teach. The…

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Koru Revisited

Took ages to get this on 'just right'. sometimes it goes that way. Today's Gratitude Item: That making this week's 'Usability Cartoon' was relatively quick. Needless to say the ability…

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ANZAC Day – Early Post!

This one was made especially for ANZAC day. It was inspired by a photo (seen on flickr) of the Israeli flag flying somewhere but everything in the photo was grayscale…

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Hauraki Flagships

This was my entry for the Yellow Pages Art Awards 2009 (ie: 2010 phone book). Sadly, it did not make it as a finalist. There are two possible reasons for…

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Sea Floor

As in the sea in this image looks a lot like a funky kitchen floor. Flag is that of New Zealand (as in home, sweet home!) Today's Gratitude Item: Recyclable…

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Presenting my ANZAC Day image. I was not going to create anything this year but got inspired last week by a display of (coloured) T-Shirts in a store window on…

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Aotearoa Dreaming

Aotearoa is widely accepted as being the Maori name for New Zealand. It translates roughly as "Land of the long white cloud". For me, Aotearoa basically means "Home". At least…

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Waitangi Day 2008

This desktop wallpaper was created for Waitangi Day 2008. Today's Gratitude Item: A public holiday coupled with amazing weather. Having a break mid week is very nice indeed.

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New Zealand Flag

Flown by proud Kiwis, the world over :) Today's Gratitude Item: That I live in one of the world's most beautiful countries. It helps that the people over here are…

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Waitangi Day 2007

Waitangi Day is tomorrow. To celebrate, I played fast and loose with the Maori flag. This was inspired by a news article that featured prominently in news broadcasts earlier in…

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