Ancient Tree

Just like yesterday, there are spirals in this one too. Today's Gratitude Item: That finding a list of the named colours that can be used in Python (and the associated…

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Winter Tree

If you use your imagination, this one could be a tree trunk with a brown canopy (and roots). Today's Gratitude Item: Education Perfect has given teachers free access to their…

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Christmas Tree

This goes in the 'what was I thinking' pile!! Today's Gratitude Item: Being able to shift a meeting from being in the school holidays to late next week. Needless to…

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Tree Treat

Every so often a Christmas tree appears on my screen. Which is odd given that I don't 'do' Christmas. Today's Gratitude Item: That spring is *almost* here. The days are…

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Tree Tower

If I celebrated Christmas, I'd want a tree that looked like this. Today's Gratitude Item: The end of a really good (but really busy) week.

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Fall Tree

The tree was created with Context Free Design Grammar. Significant post processing was done in gimp. The preceding links go to videos of the process. Today's Gratitude Item: Hopefully getting…

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Palm Bark

Made from sustain-ably grown palm trees. I really should have posted this one last night (in time for Tu Bishvat). Today's Gratitude Item: Taking time out for dance. Things have…

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Christmas Radar

The shape at the bottom left looks like a Christmas tree. Today's Gratitude Item: Finding out that someone's ethics are inconsistent with mine before it's too late.

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Big Tree

In this fractal forest, the trees are more blue than green. Today's Gratitude Item: That my 7th graders are 'out' for much of next week which means I get a…

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Infinite Tree

As in both the canopy and roots go on forever. Today's Gratitude Item: Enjoying the best lemon curd tartlets ever. They both looked and tasted sensational.

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