Off Center Square

It's a bit off-center but in a good way. Today's Gratitude Item: Air conditioning! I've probably been grateful for this before but when it's super hot outside and one is…

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Cardboard Ocean

Another one that has an interesting texture. Today's Gratitude Item: A lovely brunch with my brother. Good food, great company.

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Furry Flames

Somehow I had hoped that this one would be better than it is. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting to the end of another long work week. I really need to take…

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Hole Blanket

As in a blanket which has an odd shaped hole. Today's Gratitude Item: Finding some headphones on special! It's a long story which will hopefully end well.

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Spinal Columns

As in columns made up of vertebrae. Today's Gratitude Item: Flea bombs. My legs have been providing a banquet for these irritating pests. Whilst I am still very sore, the…

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On Tracks

This is what happens when you combine leaves and railway tracks. Today's Gratitude Item: Colleagues who are willing to share resources and advice. Having input from expert teachers when doing…

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As in 'going up'... Today's Gratitude Item: Winning the 'Computational Thinking for Teachers' contest that was run by my subject association last week. Each day, five CS / logic questions…

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Slip Stream

This one turned out remarkably well. Today's Gratitude Item: My dad's advice. I was feeling overwhelmed by an intimidating 'to do' list. He suggested putting one foot in front of…

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Turbulent Forest

Sometimes 'dark and ominous' is the order of the day. Today's Gratitude Item: That it is very easy to embed a game / interactive content created using snap game into…

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Paper Cut

It's sometimes a challenge to get something different - so when it happens, it gets rendered. Today's Gratitude Item: That a book I ordered from the library arrived much sooner…

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