Confused Panda

This is my entry to the 'Good Panda' contest. Back when I still used Flickr, they did an upgrade and the competition was a reult of that. The panda had…

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Grey Snow

They say that no two snowflakes are identical but I've taken a bit of artistic license... Today's Gratitude Item: The cherry tree blossoms that are at their peak - so…

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Sad Panda

Flickr is down for scheduled maintenance but they created a fun contest to help users survive until they are back up. We were invited to print out the Panda image…

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A Little Flaky

As in the 'blobs' could almost be snow flakes. The fact that they have eight sides instead of six is a minor detail. Today's Gratitude Item: Three steps forward, two…

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Snow Suprise

As the title suggests, this one was unexpected. Today's Gratitude Item: A really fun night out. Went to a 'trivial pursuits' fund raiser and it was great. Even though our…

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Snow Gate

This one is special as the snowflakes are part of the original fractal. The quotation, background and signature were added after the fractal was created. Today's Gratitude Item: A really…

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Snow Business

Like so many Incendia fractals, this one looked like it was going to be good but was rather disappointing. Its sad when salvaging fractals becomes the norm rather than the…

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Ice Patch

The quote seemed apt. Its a pity that patchwork quilts are not generally made of fractals. Today's Gratitude Item: That its a long weekend. "Labour Day" also feels like something…

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Snow Fall

The quote makes even more sense if you consider yesterday's image. Today's Gratitude Item: Finding out about Incendia which is an extremely promising 3D fractal generator.

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Eccentric Flow

The thing with snow is that in most cases, "its nice from far, but far from nice". Here in Auckland it never snows. Back in Johannesburg (SA), I remember having…

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