Beetle Wings

Created for a friend who did me a big favour. Today's Gratitude Item: Managing to find an alternate dance venue for when our current hall is being renovated. It's been…

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Measuring Up

Created for a colleague (long story). Let's just say that I would not do this sort of thing for just anyone :) Today's Gratitude Item: Being able to leave school…

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Rule #1

Advice for students! I wish more of mine would adhere to this one. Today's Gratitude Item: InDesign's 'update link' feature. It made my life easier today in that something that…

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Rule #4

This one applies to both essay writing and creating program code. Today's Gratitude Item: An unexpected 'thank you' which involved more than nice words :)

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Rule #3

Getting kids to comment their code has become something of an obsession. Today's Gratitude Item: An 'easy' Monday. Got loads done thanks to our seniors being busy with exams. It…

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Rule # 2

This is 'rule #2' in my classroom. It's on the wall and is part of a larger series of 26 (there is one for each letter of the alphabet). The…

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