Drop Infinity

Named because if one rotates this image 90 degrees, one *almost* has an infinity symbol (made up of dual water droplets). Today's Gratitude Item: Getting home safely after a *very*…

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A Little Infinity

Once again the infinity symbol has made an appearance... Today's Gratitude Item: Finding a super quick way to access the ID photos for my new classes. This makes learning names…

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Zig Way

Funky but in a good way. Today's Gratitude Item: A really relaxing Saturday spent indoors thanks to the rain (said rain being a good thing).

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Always Hot

Named for the colour and the too subtle infinity symbol that is hidden inside. Today's Gratitude Item: A good day at school. It was really nice to see most of…

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Infinity Revisited

It turns out that one can revisit infinity on a regular basis. Today's Gratitude Item: Early voting. Whilst the official polling day for the general election is a little less…

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Chained Dawn

Somehow I thought this one would look nicer when rendered. Sadly this was not the case. Today's Gratitude Item: Using custom .css to beat a WordPress theme into submission. This…

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Disc Intimacy

Or perhaps 'Kissing Circles'. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting home safely after a very long day. Whilst I'm very tired, things are actually going quite well (touch wood). Am hoping to…

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Softly Spun

If you weave light instead of more traditional materials, this can happen... Today's Gratitude Item: Having some unexpected 'student free' time which allowed me to get a nice chunk of…

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Hollow Curvature

This one sort of has a hole in it, hence the name. Today's Gratitude Item: That a piece of code I wrote worked as hoped on the first attempt. Given…

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Spherical Surpise

As the title suggests, this one was unexpected. Today's Gratitude Item: The wheels on my lab chairs that were broken have now been fixed. It's a small thing but it…

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