Grid Fabric

Simple but effective. Might make a nice shirt if it were real. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting to go for a walk for the first time in over a month. The…

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Bead Suspension

As in this one looks like beads suspended in space. Can't quite see it? Try squinting and tilting your head a little. Today's Gratitude Item: Finally finishing the 'big five'…

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Waffle Ring

This one is related to 'Waffle Disc' and was nice enough to be worth rendering. Today's Gratitude Item: Open Source Electronic Flashcards (thanks anki). Remembering 'stuff' is a lot easier…

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Grid Sparkle

The basic design is a bit plain but it was too nice to bin. Today's Gratitude Item: Completing an image to commemorate Yom HaShoah. Having the time to create the…

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Shell Grid

Sometimes purple is a good idea. Today's Gratitude Item: Loads of rain! Normally I'm not a fan of being wet but it rained enough that they had to cancel the…

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Old New

Created on Old Year's Eve this one is a mix of old and new ideas. Today's Gratitude Item: That my partial scholarship for doing some further study this year finally…

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Side Lines

As in lines coming in side ways. Today's Gratitude Item: Managing to get an 'all parent' email sent out before our system went down for scheduled maintenance.

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Suspended Motion

This one did not take as long to create as one might think. Today's Gratitude Item: Managing to help a student get his computer working again. Initially it would not…

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Grid Basics

Very similar to 'many squares' but different enough to be worth rendering. Today's Gratitude Item: That my school's Moodle is being slightly temperamental which means that I can't do more…

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Apartment Blues

Reminded me a high-rise apartment building. Today's Gratitude Item: That my 'crazy idea' was not so crazy after all and the person I shared it with has picked it up…

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