Modern Connections (at Dawn)

Simple but effective. Today's Gratitude Item: We are *almost* done for the school year. Tomorrow we have clean-up followed by food / farewells. Being at the start of the summer…

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Distorted Connection

This one is quite dark, but in a good way. Today's Gratitude Item: Finding a spare box of masks in the office to give to kids who don't have one…

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Hill Chains

As in a series of *blue* hills made out of chains. Sometimes life in a fractal world is a bit weird. Today's Gratitude Item: Being *sort of* on top of…

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Chain Tower

Another 'fence' type fractal that is completely different from yesterday's offering. Today's Gratitude Item: Having the exact amount of grated carrot that I needed to make the coleslaw that was…

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Oval Chains

Played quite a bit with this on in 'post'. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting to the end of a very long day. Nothing bad happened, it was just exhausting.

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Chain Waves

This one has a modern feel to it which makes a nice change. Today's Gratitude Item: A schoolwork-free week! I have two weeks of summer 'vacation' left and taking a…

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Chain Twist

I tried something slightly different and was quite pleased with the results. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting to the end of a tedious novel. At least writing the review was easy.

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Light Chain Twist

As in the chains are made of light that has been twisted. Today's Gratitude Item: Today was one of those days where everything went according to plan. It's good when…

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Weirdest Web

This is a cross between a web and a flower. Today's Gratitude Item: Slow progress. Which is better than no progress / going backwards.

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Chain Mail

In a fractal world, this is what a suit of armor might be made from. Today's Gratitude Item: The last dance class of the year. It was fun and whilst…

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