Decorative Blues

Fairly ornate but oddly appealing. Today's Gratitude Item: Finally getting to eat my homemade matzos. It was as delicious as hoped. Not too sure how I'll feel about said matzos…


Braid Bridge

This is one of those time when green and gold work well together. Today's Gratitude Item: That photopea (an image editing tool) is free, browser based and similar to GIMP…

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Ornate Braid

Had a bit of fun with this one in 'post'. Today's Gratitude Item: The blue wool that we had was perfect for making a soft toy. I'd feared it would…

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Heavey Braid

The design is quite pretty - but only in small doses. This one might be a bit much... Today's Gratitude Item: Finally getting to walk outside - it's been a…

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Wave Braid

As in an ornate, wavy ribbon. Today's Gratitude Item: A hole in the fence. Our dance venue is having a security upgrade which includes a large fence that is currently…

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Denim Decoration

This one is 'too much' but it would look pretty used sparingly on denim fabric. Today's Gratitude Item: Roast beef and salad for lunch - supplied by my school. Whilst…

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Extreme Braid

The word 'yikes' comes to mind. Today's Gratitude Item: Coffee ice cream! The shops have been out of our normal ice cream for quite some time. Today we 'caved' and…

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Holy Road

As in an intricate road that is sadly full of holes. Today's Gratitude Item: That despite parts of the city center being out of bounds due to the Convention Centre…

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Zig Braid

This one was both unexpected and quite interesting. Today's Gratitude Item: A super restful day. Decided not to do any computer work today and really enjoyed the time off :)

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Maybe this one should have been called 'Intricate Braid'. Today's Gratitude Item: Lime green headphones with a built in microphone. Said headphones are compact and perfect for school. Even better,…

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