Dark Emotions

Because sometimes it's not all unicorns and rainbows. Today's Gratitude Item: Baking success on a day that was rather turbulent. At least I can say that one thing went right…

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Zebra Buttons

This was one of those times when using black and white was really effective. Today's Gratitude Item: A toasty shower towel on a relatively cool night.

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Zoomed Disc wing

This one is a bit too busy for my liking. Today's Gratitude Item: Finally updating my personal website so that it runs off WordPress. Hopefully the update will also help…

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Shredded Fan

This one is a variation on a theme. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting all my practice exam marking done. It's a good feeling to have that 'marking mountain' under control.

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Chosen Echo

The background colours seemed liked a good idea at the time. Now I'm thinking going 'all black' would have been a better option. Today's Gratitude Item: Having more time. Whilst…

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Cross Stitch Mosaic

The background turned out really well - which was a nice surprise. Today's Gratitude Item: One more day and then it will be the weekend. This week has been a…

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ANZAC Arrangement

Every so often, a red poppy appears on my screen. Weirdly this has been known to happen close to ANZAC day without any conscious intent on my part. Today's Gratitude…

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Leaf IT

I'm not sure how this works but every autumn, apophysis randomly generates dying leaves. Today's Gratitude Item: Finding an effective work-around for a tricky, unanticipated problem.

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Tightly Wound

It took ages to get this one looking 'just right'. Today's Gratitude Item: Parent / Teacher interviews that went well. My voice lasted the distance and the meetings were all…

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Curve Ball

Simple but hopefully effective. Today's Gratitude Item: My 12th grade 'experimental' lesson went much better than expected. This is a good thing as I it forms part of my 'assignment…

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