Arch Work

This is really just a bunch of 'not quite waves'. Today's Gratitude Item: That our government has committed to funding the 'Lunches in Schools' program for another two years. For…

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Intricate Arch Path

Definitely different from what usually appears on my screen. Today's Gratitude Item: Having an epiphany which resulted in a simple change that not only gives me a bit more time…

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Modern Blue

Another pretty 'ribbon type' image. Today's Gratitude Item: A good day where both my students and the weather cooperated.

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Wave Interference

This one is a bit dull for my liking. Which might make it perfect if one wants a background that is unobtrusive. Today's Gratitude Item: Having a tool that lets…

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Fire Bridge

Sometimes an image 'just works'. I think this was one of those times. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting back into the groove. Here's hoping tomorrow's 'Teacher Only' day goes well.

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Triumphant Arch

I liked this one when it was first created but now I'm not so sure... Today's Gratitude Item: After 11 *long* days, my favourite sushi shop is once again open.

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Amethyst Arch

I liked the delicate purple lines on this one... Today's Gratitude Item: Having a bit of extra time to get marking done as one of my classes had something else…

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Fab Arches

Where the 'fab' stands for both 'fabric' and 'fabulous'. Today's Gratitude Item: Potatoes that don't need to be peeled before they are cooked. Both potato and skin taste great -…

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Modern Arch

Am not too sure how exactly this happened, but am glad that it did. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting a new headset (similar to the one that died) for $65 instead…

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Bubble Arches

This one looks better from a distance. Today's Gratitude Item: My request for leave to travel down to Machol Pacifica later in the year was approved in record time.

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