Ugly Patch

So, is this one an ugly patch, a beautiful hole or somewhere in between? I suspect the original saying had to do with fabric of some sort rather than fractals. This is my attempt to drag Yiddish kicking and screaming into the 21st century. My bobba would be proud.

Today’s Gratitude Item: That my “old” computer was not as dead as first feared. It turns out that the problem was due to the graphics card being fried and it is easily fixed. In fact, the computer works fine without the graphics card and thankfully the hard drive is still OK. I’ll still be getting a new machine but now its a joy as I know my data can be backed up and hopefully I won’t have lost anything. Both “new” and “old” computers should be in my possession at some point tomorrow. It will take a while to get things set up but its I’m feeling a lot better now compared with 24 hours ago. Did I mention that the guys over at PB Technology are brilliant! The service was excellent and I’m looking forward to visiting them tomorrow.