My computer died! This is being posted from my dad’s machine which is better than nothing. The only problem is that said machine is so old, that the browser does not fully support flickr which means I can’t access the location of the images / grab the code to show you today’s fractal.

Right now I’m hoping that the content of my computer’s hard drive can be resurrected. I have not backed up most of the data and I know that was an incredibly stupid thing to do (or not do) as the case may be. There was a massive amount of precious “stuff” on there and I should have been making regular back ups. No lectures people – please!

If this blog goes quiet for a bit, at least you all know why. It will be interesting to see how long it takes to get up and running again.

Today’s Gratitude Item: I’m getting a new computer! Sooner rather than later I hope. The only type of shopping that I really enjoy is shopping for techie toys so this massive cloud does have a small silver lining. Added to that is the fact that my computer died in the middle of my school holidays so I have the time to shop around for a new one without having to fit it in around work.