Dawn Mystery

Another Incendia piece. This one rendered overnight I stopped it after about 9 hours. Thing was still not finished and I had to post process it in PSP to get rid of the "jaggies". I love that Incendia does 3D so well – the infinite render times are starting to grate.

Today’s Gratitude Item: Big brother fixing the check boxes on a form that I created. I use the word “created” in its loosest possible sense because my .php skills are limited to taking a form that does work (originally created by big brother) and then changing it as needed. The funny bit came when big brother informed me that the code I was using was not all that great – and I told him that it was his stuff in the first place. We’d both care a lot more about this if the client was paying for the work! I’m really starting to hate it that people are happy to take my work for free but don’t seem to be able to recommend paying clients! This “recession” seems to be an excuse for people to ask for volunteers because they “don’t have the money”. Maybe I need to learn to say “No” from time to time.

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