Funky Fern

This one was could also be called “Made in New Zealad”. Believe it or not, this is pure Apophysis!

The above also comes in black and white versions. This is mainly cause I could not decide which one was “best”.

Today’s Gratitude Item: The Microwave, simply because it can cook a potatoe in roughly five minutes! I peel and slice mine, add a bit of water and then nuke. Served with salmon this is a very healthy dinner 🙂

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  1. TotalChaos

    Whoot, you are doing some really snazzy stuff, with the new Appo. Gonna get us some real frash Salmon, next week. 😀

  2. Autumn Storm

    It’s very obvious to me, I’ve once again set myself up for the struggle to find something original to say 🙂 Excellent only works so many times before it gets boring, haven’t reached that stage here yet. I really like the one with the black background.

  3. Trée

    Jenni, hard to believe this image is pure Apo. Just another testament to your fabulous skill with this program.

  4. Evydense

    Outstanding! It’s amazing to know that all this beauty is tucked away in that one little program, isn’t it?

    You certainly know where to look for the gems.

    I like both of the black-and-white versions, for different reasons.


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