Plastic Pearl

Made with Apo 2.04

Now I understand all the excitement about this latest version. This graphic could not have been done without the help gained from the amazing guys at the Fracfan Forum.

Today’s Gratitude Item: That the Israeli flag was flown on the Auckland Harbour bridge today to celebrate Israeli day of independence. My Yom Ha’atzmaut post was done a couple of weeks ago to coincide with the date on the Israeli calendar. Today was the date on the “English” ie: Gregorian calendar. Driving over the bridge and seeing the Israeli flag flying next to the New Zealand flag was a great experience. I was surprised at the emotional impact that it had 🙂

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  1. Trée

    Just incredible. What else can I say. I have no idea how you do this with Apo. Stunning. Absolutely stunning.

  2. Autumn Storm

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  3. Autumn Storm

    Striking, not least due to those two very rich, bold colours, but it also looks a little like part of a labyrinth, simple and symmetrical from the ‘outside’ yet intricate from the ‘inside’.

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