Bloom Squared

I love it when playing with old params and new variations “works”.

Today’s Gratitude Item: Finding a page which lets me report DMCA violations to hostgator. They are one of the larger hosting companies in the US but on their website, they insist that they will only accept DMCA notices by snail mail / fax. I’m hoping that the form is a change of heart on their part.

Suffice it to say, seeing my work copied on other sites / blogs without acknowledgement / attribution is getting old and filing DMCA notices is deeply satisfying. Services like blogger, youtube, wordpress and facebook all have online DMCA forms which makes the process really easy. Others like photobucket and GoDaddy have easy to find dedicated email addresses and instructions on how to file which is OK too.

The irony is, if people ask, I’m usually more than happy to share – provided that the work is attributed. Nothing makes my blood boil quite as much as seeing my work on another site with a copyright notice underneath it!