Pure Wool

The symbol in the middle of the disc reminds me of the symbol for pure wool. In retrospect I don’t like the image at all, its horrible – much like my week has been. I’m feeling increasingly frustrated with the uncertainty surrounding my work situation 🙁

Today’s Gratitude Item: The Microbe Magic website. It has everything I need for the upcoming unit on Microbes and it means that I don’t need to do too much to prepare. This site has activities, practical experiments and loads of information. All I’ll do is write down some instructions for my students and decide which activities we will do as a group. Having it all there for one is so much easier than re-inventing the wheel.

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  1. runnerfrog

    I'm sorry…
    Very naive thing to say, but you never know what brilliant animal would raise from the ashes of today. Your upcoming change (or not), your actual uncertainty, could be for good, and give you an impulse into the right direction, meaning the direction of a more complete satisfaction. Uncertainty is the only steady thing we have in life. The rest are theories. Personally am going through lessons about that right now.
    Hold on, evolve, let go. The present minute is important.
    Uh-oh, looks like an advice to myself, not to you 🙂
    My best wishes.

  2. Dzeni

    Thanks for your comment / advice. Its appreciated and knowing that I'm not alone in frustration and uncertainty is somehow helpful.

    Hopefully things will work out well for both us 🙂

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