Blue Jade

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last post!! The graphic below is not as cool as yesterday’s image but never mind.

I have a list of stuff to be grateful for today. Here goes…

  • The Chocolate mud cake yesterday tasted as good as it looked.
  • My car headlight was broken, so dad let me use his car last night and he fixed my headlight today (thanks dad!!!)
  • The party last night was really really fun.
  • Went for long walk this evening and did not get rained on.
  • My grandmother is safely on her way back to South Africa after a five and a half week visit with us.

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  1. mijzelf

    Let me add to this list:
    *You will dance again tomorrow
    *You got a present at the party
    *You have a friend who posts silly comments. 🙂
    Love the fractals, both todays and yesterdays.

  2. TotalChaos

    Ahhh, but it is as cool as yesterdays. Tubes and flows, here there and everywhere. And the shades, YES

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