Rock Concert Rocked!

Went to the Johnny Clegg concert tonight and it was great. The music was wonderful and the atmosphere was amazing. The stories behind some of the songs was fascinating and the entire evening was very special and worthwhile.

Today I am grateful for my really awesome friend. She is kind, caring, compassionate and fun to be with. She know who she is! Thanks for a great night.

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  1. Stacey Whaley

    OK, this is just out-of-this-world. You have to give us your secrets. What script are you using and what are you doing to get such awesome looking fractals?? What’s your secret? This is amazing! I want to make fractals look like this. It looks alive! It’s so real looking.

  2. Trée

    Dzeni, I agree with Stacey. You are doing some amazing stuff here. Not sure how you are getting these textures but they are terrific. I love your focus on gratitude too. Wonderful reminder. 🙂

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