Cracking the Bible Code

Have recently finished reading a book titled “Cracking the Bible Code”. This is certainly a book that I would recommend to anyone who has heard about / wants to know more about the code phenomenon.

The book is written from a Jewish perspective with a healthy dose of statistics and cryptology thrown in for good measure.

The book is very readable and I enjoyed it precisely because the author is exceptionally clear on what the codes are about, how they have been uncovered and how they have been misapplied by well meaning but ill informed enthusiasts.

The graphic above is entitled Dream Weave. It has nothing to do with the book reviewed above.

Am grateful for the fact that at work today I got paid to watch videos with my students. Sometimes life is very, very good.

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  1. Trée

    Dzeni, love this one and love the colors. Beautiful fine detail. I might need to borrow this one for a quick nap. I’ll return it soon enough–lol.

  2. TotalChaos

    Dang, tree said it already. Very clean, neat lines and colors.

  3. Stacey Whaley

    Your gradient is just… WOW! 🙂

    I meant to ask you, have you ever had any prints made of your art? I’ve been thinking about getting some made of mine to give to family members for gifts for the holidays. I think it’s a great gift idea!

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