Curve Curl

Was interesting so it got rendered. Today's Gratitude Item: That my 'Excel' workshop / presentation to colleagues as part of our school professional development was well received.

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Unexpected Vortex

This one is for my dad. He knows why. Made on the day of the 'ferry incident' which we are not allowed to tease him about. Which is a pity…

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Weird Wave

Tried something totally different and got this interesting pattern. If only I could remember what I did to get to this point... Today's Gratitude Item: That 'we' (ie: the NZ…

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Whole Thing

A new take on an old idea. Today's Gratitude Item: That I was not teaching period 1 when the fire alarm went off (faulty sensor). It meant instead of standing…

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Shiny Spring Wave

We've been here before - but it was a while ago and I liked the design so it got rendered. Today's Gratitude Item: Being geeky enough to appreciate Centennial Pi…

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Sounds Good

Reminded me of sound waves for some reason... Today's Gratitude Item: No interruptions. It's amazing how much one can achieve when left to one's own devices.

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Blogversary – 9 Years Old Today

This blog is currently celebrating it's 9th birthday (cake should probably be involved at some point).Today's fractal features an ocean made up of springs. The title of the image is…

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Beanstalk 2.0

The beanstalk was originally for another project but that did not work out quite as planned. At least the effort was not completely wasted. Today's Gratitude Item: That Scribus (a…

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Sahara Spring

Took a bit of post processing in Paint Shop Pro to get this - but not as much as one might think. Today's Gratitude Item: Avoiding the sporadic showers which…

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As in Springs + Sensation. Today's Gratitude Item: Managing to create most of the screencasts that I'll need for the coming week. It's taken a while but being "ready" is…

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