Hole Rotation

It took ages to find colours that worked with well for this one. Today's Gratitude Item: Cold medicine that actually works.

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Fire Flower

Tried something different with this on and was pleasantly surprised with the results. Today's Gratitude Item: A power nap before dance. I'd have liked to nap for longer but in…

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Irresistible Curves

As is so often the case, when this spiral appeared, I could not resist the temptation to render it. Today's Gratitude Item: Being given time in my Uni course to…

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Spiral Dash

As in a black and white spiral with a small dash of colour. Today's Gratitude Item: "The Desk" arrived today and it is all I hoped it would be. Being…

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Intricate Curvature

Somethings look best when a black / white / grey gradient is used. Today's Gratitude Item: Maybe finding a light at the end of my 'host student databases for free'…

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Tropical Olymics

Took forever to get the colours to co-operate. Today's Gratitude Item: That setting 'notifications' on all the events on one of my calendars did not take nearly as long as…

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Spring Bloom

As in a flower made up of springs. Today's Gratitude Item: The start of daylight saving. Losing an hour's sleep is a small price to pay for 'longer' days.

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Gold Disc Curtain

Hopefully this one is not 'too bright' for desktop wallpaper Today's Gratitude Item: An easy day. It was the last day of term today and all the 'dodgy' kids stayed…

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Double Interference

Sometimes horizontal lines can be surprising. Today's Gratitude Item: One more day of school before we get a two week break. I'm looking most forward to the time off (it's…

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Spiral Spring

I'm pretty sure that I've posted similar images before but couldn't help myself. This one was just begging to be rendered. Today's Gratitude Item: Gorgeous weather. Spring is definitely here…

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