Soft Ocean Breeze

A nice relaxing image after a long day which included a late night of parent / teacher meetings. Today's Gratitude Item: Sticky date pudding for dessert. It was amazing :)

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Cozy Cross

A lovely warm image - perfect for a cold winter's night. Today's Gratitude Item: Finally finding some perfect sound files that I need for a resource I'm developing. Being able…

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Curved String Ripple

Similar to yesterday's image but different (and pretty) enough to be worth holding on to. Today's Gratitude Item: Tomorrow should be an easier day as we only have to teach…

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Scalloped Sea

Fractal waves with a difference. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting amazing letters in scrabble. It's rare for this to happen so when it does, it's worth celebrating.

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Copper Star Flower

This one is notable both for the colours and the sense of motion. Today's Gratitude Item: Finding widgets that allow one to generate fake IRD and ISBN-10 numbers that can…

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Dandelion Disc

Dandelions may well be the prettiest of weeks. Here is the fractal version... Today's Gratitude Item: Getting to day six hundred on Duolingo. Every 50 days in a streak, users…

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Iron Sand Bars

'Iron sand' is black - hence the name of this image. Today's Gratitude Item: Leftovers! Specifically really yummy cottage pie left over from last night's parent teacher interviews. Free, tasty…

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Sixties Blinds

These blinds might be a bit old fashioned, but they are still cool. Today's Gratitude Item: One down, one to go (as in one evening of parent / teacher interviews…

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Square Spiral Illusion

Another 'different but interesting' image. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting to and from dance class safely. Traffic getting to class was very heavy (again). The last time that happened I got…

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Beach Pool

As in a square pool surrounded by fractal beach sand. Today's Gratitude Item: A quiet first period - about half of my class were 'out' on a 'school based activity'.…

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