Fancy Prison

Golden bars = gilded cage. Today's Gratitude Item: An easy day with lots of fairly wet weather - which means not having to feel guilty for not going for a…

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Layered Daisy

Spotting the daisy in this one takes a fair bit of imagination! Today's Gratitude Item: Finally getting to drive 'Blue' again. She has been beautifully repaired after being side-swiped a…

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Patriotic Ribbon Rotation

Reminded me of the ribbon that is sometimes attached to military medals. Today's Gratitude Item: My car that was sideswiped over a month ago has been repaired! It will be…

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Tiger Fur

Not exactly 'warm fuzzies' but close enough. Today's Gratitude Item: A very productive day. Am exhausted but in a good way. Can't wait for the weekend / time to recharge...

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Eye Storm

Giving new meaning to 'the eye of the storm'? Today's Gratitude Item: A bit of 'time out' after a 'too busy' day. Tomorrow promises to be more of the same…

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Chocolate Web

As in a chocolate coloured web. Today's Gratitude Item: Finally finishing writing an assessment resource for a Unit Standard that we need to offer to some of our students. Next…

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Eight Discs

Named because it looks like the number eight (and has discs). Today's Gratitude Item: Not feeling overly anxious with the heavy rain. Since 'that slip' has been made safe, wet…

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Splash Down

On landing, some things make quite a splash. The ring in this image may well be one of those things. Today's Gratitude Item: Having a minyan for my Dad's Stone-setting.…

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Bird in Flight

Where the bird is more imaginary than real. Today's Gratitude Item: A successful late night shopping excursion :)

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A Bit of a Twist

Another woven / wave design which has a bit of motion thrown in for good measure. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting to Friday! Am so pleased that the week is done.…

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