Woven Hexagons

Sometimes, when two work together, very interesting things can happen.

Today’s Gratitude Item: That daylight saving is not yet over. It meant that I could tutor two students this afternoon and still have enough daylight left to go for a long walk. Might as well enjoy the opportunity whilst its here. Only downside is that its not dark when I wake up in the morning.

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  1. Ashwin Rao

    Reading this makes me realize the importance of the most widely used resource after water, air, and land should be sunlight. In this part of the planet we get to see sunrise at about 6 in the morning to about 6 in the evening almost all year round, however people are lazy and tend to start work at about 10 and continue to work till about 8-9 in the night. Thus, they require a lot of electricity generated from coal fired turbines. We have thus entered a spiral where we need ACs to protect our lungs from the pollution caused by the power stations to feed our ACs. Phew .. I guess I should have written a blog post of this !!! :).

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