As in the native of Madagascar. Not to be confused with the common cat, although at first glance their shapes are very similar.

My regular readers may notice a slight change to the format of this blog. I’ve gotten rid of a lot of the “rubbish” down at the bottom of the page and have replaced it with Ads from Google. This is all part of the grand experiment that is this blog. It will be interesting to see if the Ads at the bottom equate to any revenue at all.

Today’s Gratitude Item: Getting my very own paper copy of the book Intelligent Design of Multi-Dimensional Space. This is exciting because my artwork appears as the background on the cover and the author not only asked permission to use my work, but went to the expense of snail mailing me a copy of the book when it was ready. He also personally signed the copy with a really lovely note and acknowledged me as the artist in two different places in the book. What a buzz!

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  1. runnerfrog

    Congrats about the cover artwork!
    Have I ever told this is my favourite animal? You captured the eyes very well (which are the most attracting thing to me, along with their behaviour) with your artwork.

    I remember when Homer wanted a Lemur to wake up to amuse him, and he hitted him with a little stone and it started a chain reaction that made all animals in the zoo to escape.

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