Pale Diamond

Turns out that sometimes Tierazon can make some rather pretty flames. It does two things well, subtle and psychedelic (stay tuned for the psychedelic stuff)!

Today’s Gratitude Item: My artwork finally made it onto the cover of “Kesher – An official publication of the Auckland Hebrew Congregation“. Remember this graphic from last year? They changed the final “7” to an “8” and now I’m famous. Sort of. They did not say where they got the graphic, but that’s OK with me. Really. My “Jewish Graphics” are all copyright free and I don’t mind if they don’t have my name on them, I just get a kick out of it when they get used.

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  1. runnerfrog

    Lately you seemed to be feeling like repeating your work (according to your own comments over the images), I’m not so sure about that. The most striking, surprising, is that you changed not only completely the approach, but also, the base software. Like a 180ยบ turn.
    Congratulations on the cover artwork.

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