Alien Orange

Not sure if I like it. The idea behind this desktop wallpaper is that the icons can be placed next to the design (on the white spaces). Its meant to be funky cool but am not sure if it "works".

You can be the judge of that!

Today’s Gratitude Item: A hat! Or to be more precise, a gorgeous knitted hat that will be perfect for when its cold outside and I want to go for a walk. Currently, when its cold, my ears freeze due to lack of a hat. Now that won’t happen.

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  1. Anonymous

    Dzeni, I love your fractals a lot, and check your blog every day. I would very much enjoy using one of your designs for my wallpaper, but as you noticed there’s often not a lot of “clear” space to put icons. This one does have clear space – yeah! – but if I might make a suggestion, what I’d really prefer is to have the main image in a uniform background field. For instance in this one, I’d take the one large image and put it somewhat off-center in a black field. I’m not trying to tell you artistically what to do – you’re definitely the artist here! – but that’s what I would like in a wallpaper. Thanks for all the beautiful images you’ve shared with me and everyone over the years! I love them.

  2. Dzeni

    Anonymous, thanks for your kind words! If you like, email me and I’ll make you a background as requested.

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