Hug ?

This cute little gingerbread man wants a hug! Made in blender (the program, rather than the kitchen appliance).

Today’s Gratitude Item: Not getting too wet whilst mowing the lawn! It was a typical Auckland day today, one minute brilliant sunshine, the next, rain. Which explains why I ended up mowing the lawn in the *light* rain. Good news is that I got the petrol mower started with relative ease. Bad news is that I had just started doing the job when the rain began. Given that starting the lawn mower is my least favourite thing, once started, I was not going to quit until the job was done. Happily, the rain was not too hard and did not last too long. The sun was out before the lawn was fully mowed.

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  1. runnerfrog

    About your gratitude item, that neurotic weather wanted a hug too, too bad this gingerbread man was not there.

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